We are working hard on our core deep learning technologies, but it's not all just toys and demos! Some wonderful products are graduating to beta soon, and they include a custom image classification API – classify images to your categories using your own data. is about tagging and classifying images – show our API a picture and we tell you what we see there, or just feed us a directory worth of files and we sort them out for you.

Needing to sort out eshop product images? Types of food? Genres of photos? We got you covered! You could hire someone to take care of it – or cut the required time by 99% and costs by 90%. Just let the machines do the boring work.

We aren't the first to offer a tool for understanding images, but we are the first ones to let you recognize whatever you need!

Instead of simply detecting generic objects, we let you build your own database of example images and use our top-of-the-line ailao cortex artificial intelligence technology to produce a personalized machine learning classifier, just for your task. All this in your browser, no expertise or programming required!

Private beta is already open!

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